PGR has heartfelt compassion for dogs who come into our rescue program with extensive illness or injury. Your donations allow us to secure veterinary specialists to comfort and care for these dogs, and where possible, to restore their health. In terminal cases, our experienced foster families provide gentle, loving care until the dogs pass over the Rainbow Bridge. PGR is privileged to make a difference in these difficult cases — and we could not do it without you!

Will you join PGR mission to provide medical care for these special dogs by making a donation to the Medical Crisis & Hospice Care fund?


Chip has been in foster care with PGR since May. He is the sweetest “hunk of chocolate” ever! He came from a puppy mill and was terrified of humans. He is improving every single day and learning to love us folks that stand on 2 legs! He’s been neutered and everything checked out medically except his hips. His wobbly walk was a dead give-away. Just last week Chip traveled to Melbourne for hip surgery. He is back in his foster home now and loving all the attention. He has a lot of healing to do but we can already see an improved range of motion and a little pep in his step.

As you can imagine, the cost to take Chip to a specialty clinic in Melbourne for this surgery is incredibly expensive. If you wish to support Chip in his journey to a happy, healthy future please make a donation to help Chip recover with no worries and help PGR to cover surgery expenses, follow-up visits and other required costs for his healing. Chocolate Chip deserves a wonderful future filled with love!


Maisie is a darling girl Golden – our Christmas baby born 12 25 22 – who came to us after her original owner found that her liver tests were abnormal. She went back to the backyard breeder, got her $800 back and her vet sent Maisie to us.

Maisie underwent a procedure at our veterinary center.  Her abdominal blood vessels are malformed: instead of a large vein feeding blood into her liver to be detoxified, she has an aberrant narrow vessel that bypasses the liver entirely and returns NON detoxified blood through larger veins, up to the heart, where it circulates around again.  Her serum ammonia levels (which should approach zero) remain higher than 700, off the charts.

Despite this she is still a happy playful loving girl who loves sweet potatoes and her foster family, the Ostin’s.  All the people who encountered her loved her instantly – the people in the waiting room, the technicians, and the doctors.

We’re sad to say that the surgery was not successful.  They were unable to band-close the shunt vessel due to its small size and flow through the vein.  The continued high pressure in the portal vein will lead to cirrhosis and is deadlier in dogs than in people. 

As you know, we will continue to help Maisie with her food intake, medications, and hospice care.  She is such a sweet dog, and we want her to enjoy the time she has left.  Her foster parents will see that she gets love and care as she lives out her precious life.

As you can imagine, the cost for Maisie’s medical assistance and attempted surgery is quite costly.  Would you donate to help us pay those bills and keep her comfortable for the remainder of her life?


Athena is a beautiful 2-year-old Great Pyrenees who came to PGR with her 12 six-week-old puppies.  She and her pups were living in a barn. 

Sadly, Athena is now in hospice care with PGR.  She has a fast-growing cancer and likely has 4 to 8 months to live.  Neither surgery nor medication can save her sweet life.  Her bones are easily breakable so she requires a foster hospice home where her pain can be managed.  Athena will need rest, nourishment, and controlled immobility to keep her bones from breaking.

PGR is honored to make Athena’s last months as good as possible for her.  With the medical intervention for pain and the most loving foster home around, she will at least die knowing the warmth of true love.  For that we are grateful.

We will incur expenses while she is in hospice care and if you want to be a part of making Athena’s last days the best of her life, please make a donation.