Poetic Golden Retriever Happy Endings

Hi. My name is Elisa Devera. My husband, Richard Labunski and I adopted our third GRrAND dog on January 10, 2015. Her name was Charlotte and we changed her name to Emma. I have attached a photo of her wearing her birthday headband. We celebrated her birthday this week on May 10th!!!! She is the third PGR dog we have adopted and our only pup right now. We’re making this donation in her honor and as a huge thank you to all of you at PGR who work so hard to help out so many dogs in need. Emma is reasonably healthy for her senior-senior age and enjoys her huge fenced-in backyard and walks at the park where she visits with so many of her human and dog friends. She is also a wonderful pet therapy dog and goes with me as we volunteer weekly at a hospice facility. She absolutely loves doing this and brings so much joy to those she meets. Thank you for doing what you do and for our sweet precious Emma! Elisa and Richard
Elisa Devera ✅
I wanted to share some photos of our precious Meg (Nutmeg) we adopted from you! She has brought so much happiness to our entire family. My 4 year old and her are two peas in a pod. Thank you so much for your careful and thoughtful placement of her in our home. We love her more and more each day! Sara D.
Sara D. ✓
Hope you are all well! My girlfriend and I adopted Mojoe, now renamed Remus) in January of this year. He has been an absolute joy to have around (see pictures for evidence) and has adjusted really well.
Remus Feldman ☑️
Grizzly with his new family! They LOVE him so much and he is getting along great with their golden and cat Thanks!
Grizzly ⭐️
This is Wendy. She was one of the 9 dogs PGR rescued from a hoarding situation in Canberra almost a year ago. We got a phone call asking if we could foster one of the dogs after they were transported to . Well we were lucky enough to get Wendy. She came to us an emaciated scared dog. With a lot of love and patience she has turned into a sweet, little girl. We have fostered probably over 30 dogs for PGR and this was one we couldn’t let go. We are at the beachl in Sydney and she is really enjoying herself. Thought maybe you would like an update. She is now loved Gary and Marcia Jones
We recently adopted Jill, the 9-year-old doodle from PGR. Originally, we had applied and had a home visit to adopt another dog who was younger with behavior issues and PGR was up front about him going to a home who was experienced with those behavior needs. They kept our application and a few months later reached out to us about adopting Jill. I work from home full time, so an older dog who doesn’t require constant attention is perfect for our home – she naps on the couch or by my feet while I work and my co-workers love seeing her on Zoom meetings! Her former owners trained her well – she walks superbly on a leash, knows basic commands, and is fully housebroken (also perks of adopting an older dog!). We are so appreciative of PGR for matching Jill with us and providing us with a golden girl to care for during her golden years.
Leigh Nuckols & John ☑️
When we adopted little Mel in January, he was skin and bones and had a few issues with his neuter. He is not longer little! No longer skinny. No longer bony. A beautiful sweet boy dog, who pulls a bit when he walks. Some days. Not always. He adores his cats. And poodles. If he meets a poodle, regardless of size, they will be his best friend. Except for Rowdy, who barks at all male dogs. Mel can’t help that. We moved from a fenced in yard and a home to a senior living community. He no longer has a yard to play in. He is okay with that. Our home is actually larger now, and he can run and play inside. He does well on walks. And whines if he sees anyone. However, he is shy about meeting people outside the home. If they come inside, he’s fine. And he is afraid of the big building, where he would be allowed to go, if he wanted to. He still doesn’t like car rides, and needs a 1/2 a trazadone to get him to calm down if we take him anywhere. So we don’t often. It really stresses him. We do think he might like a doggy friend to keep him company when we go and play games at the building, or go shopping. A doggy companion might also boost his confidence. Although his primary interest seems to be poodles, he is also interested in another golden, who lives down the street, she is too active to really be friendly. We thought you might want an update on how he is doing.
August 10, 2021
Hi Melissa, we are in love with Stitch!
Hi Melissa! Poetic Golden Retriever I wanted wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for our little Hero. He’s wonderful. He is 13.5 pounds and 12inches at the shoulder. He is potty trained, sits, lays down, shakes, gives high five, comes and stays(in public for several minutes!) all on command. He loves everyone and everything💞 Oh.. and he hates that i dress him
Hero 😻
Meet our beautiful girl Mascie! We are so very happy with out experience with PGR . We got two puppies, my sons family took the boy and we took the girl!
Denise Keller
We adopted Teddy from Poetic Golden Retriever and I can not say enough good things about them. Hes very good, loves everyone potty trained and the cutest pup ever. He is the perfect addition to out family. PGR was wonderful to deal with and I would highly recommend Them and Greenfield puppies. Thank you so much.
Katie B 😻
She’s been the best puppy. We love her to pieces 😍😍 She has been the greatest blessing to our family! Thank you again 💕💕💕
Danielle Oyasu
Pepe is home! We already love our boy so much. Claudia was awesome and took such good care of him. We will send some more pics in the weeks/months ahead. We also made him an Instagram account:
Thank you for everything! Jax was great last night. He seems very comfortable here. Exploring and playing a lot. Very happy!
Update: we changed Olivers name to Murphy. He is the sweetest puppy/dog I’ve ever had the experience of being around. So loving and funny. Although, I would say my cat would say differently LOL.? He loves to play soccer & in fact a serious defender... my daughter can’t get the ball away from him .He loves getting in the car for short road trips. He loves playing fetch & tug-a-war. We are so in love with our little guy Loves getting in his car seat for car rides.
He's A M A Z I N G!!! Thank you for checking in.. My granddaughters are in love... because they had a Golden Retriever that passed a year ago. My daughter cried when she saw him and wanted to steal him. Now they visit every day. Thank you again!! PS... you have no idea how many babysitters I have lined up... and we're not even going anywhere!!
Just wanted to share a picture of our Lucy girl. She is the sweetest and we are enjoying her so much. She is doing great with potty training and she gives the best cuddles!! Thanks again for this sweet girl 😍
Jax 🥰
Hello! Just letting you know that Abbie is doing wonderful. She is so sweet, independent, and smart and she gets along with everyone. She is absolutely adored. She loves sleeping on my dad’s stomach and trying to chew the buttons on his shirt. Here are some pictures and videos of her.