Golden retriever

The Poetic Golden Retriever Promise

Here’s the Poetic Promise: we are one of the top Golden Retriever Breeders in Australia and breed happy, healthy Golden retriever and we want you to feel confident in your choice when you bring your new family member home.

That’s why all of our puppies come with their shots up-to-date, a one-year health guarantee, and a Health Certificate from our certified vet.


We love Golden Retriever as much as you do we’ve been breeding them since 2011. And we’re proud to say our Golden Retriever puppies are nothing but quality.

Our studs and females come from excellent lines, with gentle, loving temperaments and beautiful rare Golden colors.

Most importantly, this is more than just a business to us—we think of each puppy as your future loving companion, so we treat each dog accordingly. Poetic Golden Retriever are bred in a loving, clean environment and get all the cuddles and snuggles they need—until you’re ready to give them some of your own in their new forever home.

We’re proud of the way we breed and raise our Golden, and of our emphasis on quality, not quantity. We’ve been doing this for a long time—and we love seeing families light up when they get their new puppy.

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